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About Us

As a biochemical supplier, BOC Sciences offers a wide range of high-quality research chemicals and biochemicals. AAPEP, a sub-brand of BOC Sciences, which specializes in supplying over 12,000 amino acids, peptides and resins for laboratory and scientific use.


We pay the most careful attention to the quality of our products. All products are manufactured with rigorous guidelines and are accompanied with certificates of analysis, HPLC, Mass Spectrum, and HMNR. Our products have been cited by many top peer-reviewed journals such as Nature, Cell and Science.


Biologists and Chemists at BOC Sciences offer extensive tech support to our customers for using the products. You may expect personalized and attentive care from our support staff answering your order and technical inquiries. We also provide custom services including amino acids synthesis, stable isotope label amino acids and peptide synthesis.

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