Modified PNA Monomers
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Modified PNA Monomers

BAT-014377Boc-γ-(R)-Diethylene Glycol(OH)-PNA-OHBoc-γ-(R)-Diethylene Glycol(OH)-PNA-OHInquiry
BAT-014378Boc-γ-(R)-Diethylene Glycol-PNA-OHBoc-γ-(R)-Diethylene Glycol-PNA-OHInquiry

BOC Sciences offers a wide range of modified PNA monomers. The structural modification of PNA monomers can be divided into three parts: backbone modification, base modification and simultaneous modification of backbone and base. For example, in order to improve the binding affinity of PNA to DNA, an L-alanine can be modified at the C5 position of the monomer backbone structure.

What is PNA?

Peptide nucleic acid (PNA) is a synthetic polymer similar to DNA or RNA. Various purine and pyrimidine bases are attached to the backbone via methylene carbonyl groups. Since PNA is not negatively charged, there is no electrostatic repulsion with DNA or RNA, resulting in much more stable and specific binding. Not easily hydrolyzed by DNA enzymes and proteases, PNA is extremely stable in vivo as well as in vitro.

Why Modify PNA Monomers?

By modifying the PNA monomer, the binding affinity of PNA to the target nucleic acid sequence can be enhanced. In addition, additional functional groups or chemical groups can be introduced to confer new functions to the PNA. This allows PNA to be combined with drugs, polymers, metal ions, etc., thus realizing diverse applications, such as drug delivery, biosensing and nanomaterial assembly. Meanwhile, the intracellular permeability and cellular uptake of PNA can be improved by modifying it. When appropriate modifying groups are introduced, the translocation of PNA into the cell interior can be facilitated, improving its intracellular effects and application potential.

Classification of Modified PNA Monomers

  • γ-functionalized PNA Monomer

γ-functionalized PNA Monomers are PNA structural units chemically modified with a functional group at the γ-position of the PNA main chain. The introduction of a γ-functional group can confer new properties to the PNA molecule, such as enhanced binding affinity, improved stability or the ability to participate in specific chemical reactions. We can provide the following products: Boc-γ-L-Ser(Bn)PNA-OH, Boc-γ-L-Ala-PNA-OH, Fmoc-γ-L-Glu(OtBu)-PNA-OH and so on.

  • α-functionalized PNA Monomer

α-functionalized PNA monomer refers to a PNA structural unit chemically modified with a functional group at the α-position of the PNA main chain. Commonly used α-functionalized PNA monomers include: α-aminoethylglycine PNA monomer, α-Pep-PNA monomer, α-Pep-PNA monomer, α-fluorophore PNA monomer and so on.

  • β-functionalized PNA Monomer

β-functionalized PNA monomer refers to the unit chemically modified with a functional group at the β-position of the PNA main chain. We can provide the following products: Fmoc-β-(S)-Me-PNA-OH, Boc-β-(S)-Me-PNA-OH and Boc-β-dimethyl-PNA-OH.

PNA Synthesis

Customers can use our modified PNA monomers and link the modified PNA monomers to the desired PNA sequence by solid phase synthesis. Solid phase synthesis is a base-by-base method that gradually builds up the PNA sequence on a solid phase support through repeated chemical reactions and washing steps. After the solid phase synthesis is complete, a deprotection step is required to remove the protecting groups used. Finally, the synthesized PNA product is purified by solution immersion or other purification methods to remove unreacted monomers and by-products.

Precautions for Modified PNA Monomers

(1) Modified PNA may have different physical and chemical stability. Ensure proper temperature, pH conditions, and protection from light, among other factors, during storage and handling to maintain the stability of the modified PNA.

(2) Ensure that the modified PNA is target specific and binds accurately to the desired DNA or RNA sequence. Perform appropriate control experiments, such as non-specific binding tests and specific binding validation, to confirm the specificity and selectivity of the modified PNA.

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