Neurotensin (BAT-006175)
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Neurotensin, a gut tridecapeptide with many central and peripheral functions, acts as a potent cellular mitogen for various colorectal and pancreatic cancers which possess high-affinityneurotensin receptors(NTR). Neurotensin also can be used as neuromodulator of dopamine transmission and exerts potent hypothermic and analgesic effects.

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H-DL-Pyr-DL-Leu-DL-Tyr-DL-Glu-DL-Asn-DL-Lys-DL-Pro-DL-Arg-DL-Arg-DL-Pro-DL-Tyr-DL-xiIle-DL-Leu-OH; DL-pyroglutamyl-DL-leucyl-DL-tyrosyl-DL-alpha-glutamyl-DL-asparagyl-DL-lysyl-DL-prolyl-DL-arginyl-DL-arginyl-DL-prolyl-DL-tyrosyl-DL-isoleucyl-DL-leucine; 2-[[2-[[2-[[1-[2-[[2-[[1-[6-amino-2-[[4-amino-2-[[4-carboxy-2-[[3-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-[[4-methyl-2-[(5-oxopyrrolidine-2-carbonyl)amino]pentanoyl]amino]propanoyl]amino]butanoyl]amino]-4-oxobutanoyl]amino]hexanoyl]pyrrolidine-2-carbonyl]amino]-5-(diaminomethylideneamino)pentanoyl]amino]-5-(diaminomethylideneamino)pentanoyl]pyrrolidine-2-carbonyl]amino]-3-(4-hydroxyphenyl)propanoyl]amino]-3-methylpentanoyl]amino]-4-methylpentanoic acid
Store in a cool and dry place (or refer to the Certificate of Analysis).
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1.Simultaneous activation of two different receptor systems by enkephalin/neurotensin conjugates having spacer chains of various lengths.
Yano K;Kimura S;Imanishi Y Eur J Pharm Sci. 1998 Dec;7(1):41-48.
Bivalent ligands composed of enkephalin and neurotensin were prepared and their action in the receptor-receptor interaction was studied with the neuroblastoma cell, NG108-15. Enkephalin was connected via oligosarcosine spacer chain to the N-terminus of neurotensin(8-13). The bivalent ligand stimulated the cGMP production more than plain neurotensin. The affinity of the bivalent ligands for the neurotensin receptor changed with varying lengths of the spacer chain. When the spacer chain was an octamer or a dodecamer of sarcosine, the receptor affinity of those bivalent ligands was higher than neurotensin(1-13), and significantly decreased in the presence of excess amount of enkephalin. These results suggest that the bivalent ligands bind to opioid receptor and neurotensin receptor simultaneously, leading to receptor-receptor interaction. On the other hand, some bivalent ligands, especially that without a spacer chain seemed to bind to the neurotensin receptor by the help of the enkephalin part interacting with a receptor exosite.
2.Co-localization of the zinc transporter ZnT8 (slc30A8) with ghrelin and motilin in the gastrointestinal tract of pigs.
Schweiger M;Steffl M;Amselgruber WM Histol Histopathol. 2016 Feb;31(2):205-11. doi: 10.14670/HH-11-663. Epub 2015 Sep 21.
Zinc is an important co-factor for insulin storage in pancreatic β-cells of different species and the uptake of this ion into insulin containing secretory vesicles is managed by the zinc transporter, ZnT8, a member of the slc30A gene family. Recent studies indicate that this protein is a major autoimmune target in human type 1A diabetes and has also been implicated by genome-wide association studies in type 2 diabetes. Since individuals suffering from type 1 diabetes often develop gastrointestinal motility disorders, we investigated the expression of ZnT8 in the porcine gastrointestinal tract. For this purpose, we studied the cell-type specific expression of ZnT8 in the gut and its co-expression with endocrine hormones that are closely linked to intestinal motility regulation. Nested RT-PCR and immunostaining of sequential serial sections, as well as double-immunostaining using antibodies directed against ZnT8, ghrelin, motilin, neurotensin, serotonin and glucagon-like peptide 1, indicated that ZnT8 is co-localized with ghrelin and motilin. Our findings provide important information about the cell-type specific expression of ZnT8 in the porcine gastrointestinal system. The selective and exclusive expression of ZnT8 in two endocrine cell-types that are engaged in motility functions may be of particular interest for further investigations into type I diabetes-associated gastrointestinal dysfunctions.
3.[Molecular mechanisms of pidolate magnesium action and its neurotropic affects].
Gromova OA;Torshin IY;Kalacheva AG;Fedotova LE;Rudakov KV Zh Nevrol Psikhiatr Im S S Korsakova. 2016;116(12):96-103. doi: 10.17116/jnevro201611612196-103.
in ;English;, ;Russian;, ;Цель исследования. Комплексное изучение фармакологических свойств пироглутамата магния с использованием современных методик хемоинформационного и биоинформационного анализа. Материал и методы: Фармакологические свойства пироглутамата магния изучали с использованием хемоинформационного и биоинформационного анализа. Результаты. Установлено, что нейротропные эффекты пироглутамата в составе соли магния могут осуществляться за счет влияния на синтез пироглутаматсодержащих нейропептидов (орексин, тиролиберин, нейротензин и др.) и также за счет сходства пироглутамат-аниона с некоторыми нейроактивными веществами (L-теанин, 2-пирролидинон, пирацетам). Заключение. Результаты исследования указывают на нейропротекторные, антигипертензивные, седативные и антидепрессивные свойства пироглутамата магния, которые осуществляются анионом пироглутамата в синергизме с катионом магния.;Russian;Цель исследования. Комплексное изучение фармакологических свойств пироглутамата магния с использованием современных методик хемоинформационного и биоинформационного анализа. Материал и методы: Фармакологические свойства пироглутамата магния изучали с использованием хемоинформационного и биоинформационного анализа.
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