Amino Acid Composition Analysis
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Amino Acid Composition Analysis

BOC Sciences' amino acid composition analysis service can use amino acid automatic analyzer and high-performance liquid chromatography to determine the amino acid composition of various samples.

Why Amino Acid Composition Analysis?

Amino acids are a class of organic compounds containing amino and carboxyl groups, and are widely used in food, medicine, feed, cosmetics, additives and many other fields. Amino acids are structural units that make up proteins and peptides, endow proteins with specific molecular structures, and are also essential substances for maintaining normal life activities of organisms.

Amino acid composition analysis mainly studies the amino acid composition of proteins or peptides. It is an accurate quantitative standard in the study of peptides and proteins and a necessary step before the sequence determination of proteins or peptides. Amino acid composition analysis can provide strong evidence for confirming the primary structure of proteins, and can identify atypical amino acids present in proteins or peptides.

Amino Acid Composition Analysis Range

Plants, animals, microorganisms, food, feed, fertilizers, cosmetics, health products, etc.

Amino Acid Composition Analysis One-stop Service

Amino acid composition analysis can qualitatively and quantitatively determine the amino acid composition in a sample. We use amino acid automatic analyzer and high performance liquid chromatography to analyze the amino acid composition in the sample efficiently and accurately. The service mainly includes two important steps: (1) Hydrolysis of protein and peptide samples into free amino acid derivatives. (2) Separation and analysis of each amino acid derivative after hydrolysis, and then determine the composition of the amino acid in the sample and the content of each component. Our one-stop service includes the processing and analysis of samples provided by customers, the analysis of data and the completion of project reports.

Amino Acid Composition AnalysisAmino Acid Composition Analysis

Why Choose Us for Amino Acid Composition Analysis?

Through the analysis of amino acid composition, the chemical structure characteristics of proteins or peptides, as well as the distribution of some characteristic active amino acids can be preliminarily understood, and scientific information can be provided for the research of proteins or peptides. We provide one-stop service for amino acid composition analysis, and carry out strict quality control for each analysis to ensure high precision and accuracy of analysis. Our amino acid automatic analyzer can detect a large number of samples at one time, and can directly analyze the processed sample solution. High-performance liquid chromatography does not require special reaction devices, and has the advantages of high efficiency, simplicity, speed, accuracy, and low price. It can partially or completely replace amino acid automatic analyzers for the analysis of amino acids in various samples.

Amino Acid Composition Analysis Project

There are eight essential amino acids for the human body: lysine, tryptophan, phenylalanine, methionine, threonine, isoleucine, leucine, and valine.

The remaining amino acid detection ranges are as follows:

Cat. No.Amino Acid NameCat. No.Amino Acid Name
1Phospho-serine/P-Ser15Citrulline Cit
2Norleucine/Nle16Alanine Ala
3Taurine/Tau17Hydroxylysine Hylys
4Tyrosine Tyr18α-Amino-n-butyric acid α-ABA
5Glycine Gly19Ornithine
6Proline Pro20Cystine Cys
7Urea21Arginine Arg
8Homocysteine H-Cysteine22Hydroxyproline Hypro
9Aspartic acid Asp23Histidine His
10β-Alanine β-Ala24Glutamate Glu
11β-aminoisobutyric acid β-AiBA253-Methylhistidine 3-Mehis
12Serine Ser261-Methylhistidine 1-Mehis
13γ-aminobutyric acid γ-ABA27α-Amino fatty acid a-AAA
14Asparagine Asn28Sarcosine Sar
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