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Proteins can perform a series of significant functions with only 20 natural amino acids. These natural amino acids carry a limited number of functional groups, restricting the function of proteins in chemical and biological science research and applications. Structure modification of proteins through chemical modification, genetic site-directed mutation, and computer-aided protein design has given new functions to natural proteins, but is still limited to natural amino acids. Unnatural Amino Acids, which artificially impart diverse functional groups, are prominent in protein modification. These non-natural amino acids contain keto, aldehyde, azide, alkynyl, alkenyl, amido, nitro, phosphate, sulfonate and other functional groups, and can also be modified. Modifying unnatural amino acids of proteins brings new opportunities for theoretical research and applications. BOC Sciences can synthesize more than 2000 amino acid derivatives, of which our customers can request for customization.

Asymmetric synthesis of amino acids is an important part of custom synthesis of amino acids. The methods mainly include resolution, high homologation of L-amino acids, asymmetric alkylation, asymmetric alkylation of imines, and asymmetric hydrogenation of dehydrogenated amino acids. Asymmetric amino acid synthesis methods are diverse and unique. Different synthesis methods can often complement each other. For example, asymmetric catalytic hydrogenation for the synthesis of chiral α-amino acids has high yield, high enantioselectivity, atomic economy, and environmental friendliness. Chiral adjuvant-induced alkylation methods can efficiently synthesize quaternary amino acids.


An important factor restricting the development of peptide drugs is the instability of peptide drugs. The introduction of unnatural amino acids into peptides can improve the stability of peptide drugs, and sometimes even increase the drug activity of peptide drugs. In view of this, asymmetric synthesis of amino acids through various methods is of great significance for the development of peptide drugs. Methods of enantioselective alkylation on the α-carbon of amino acids to form quaternary carbon centers have been reported, but the method of introducing aryl groups on the α-carbon of amino acids to prepare valuable α-aryl quaternary amino acids is very rare. This method not only can obtain aryl amino acids that cannot be obtained using classical methods, but also has wider potential for application in synthesis. Custom Synthesis Amino Acids has a purity of 95% to 99%. A variety of technologies such as nuclear magnetic resonance, HPLC, IR, UV, LCMS are used for analysis to meet customer requirements.

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