Dye Labeled Amino Acids
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Dye Labeled Amino Acids

BOC Sciences has a team of experienced, professional and efficient technical experts. With mature labeling technology, supporting equipment and perfect platform construction, we can label amino acids and their derivatives with fluorescent dyes.

We build a complete set of labeling strategies and computational schemes that preserve the activity of labels. We also have a wide selection of dyes and primary amino acids for labeling. On the basis of having a variety of options, we can provide customers with suitable labeling services. We provide personalized customized solutions for different customers, using suitable labeling dyes or methods to meet the specific needs of customers.

Fluorescent Dyes and Fluorescently Labeled Amino Acids

Due to the advantages of high sensitivity, good selectivity, convenient operation, no radioactivity, and easy observation, fluorescent dyes have gradually replaced radioactive isotopes as detection labels. Fluorescent labeling technology relies heavily on fluorescent substances such as fluorescent dyes. The application of fluorescent labeling has penetrated into many fields such as pharmacology, physiology, environmental science, information science, etc. It also has a wide range of applications in the fields of protein function research and drug screening.

Amino acids are organic compounds containing basic amino groups and acidic carboxyl groups. Fluorescent amino acids are important chemical tools that can be used to construct fluorescent macromolecules, such as peptides and proteins, without destroying their inherent biomolecular properties.

Why Choose Us as a Labeling Service Provider?

Fluorescent labeling service refers to the covalent binding or physical adsorption of fluorescent substances on a certain group of the molecule to be studied, using its fluorescent properties to provide information on the labeled object, and to perform positioning, qualitative and quantitative analysis of the labeled object. The various methods of dye-labeled amino acids we have adopted have the advantages of simple operation, high success rate, and easy separation and purification. Our experienced professional technicians will follow strict quality control management regulations to monitor each labeling item.

Professional Dye Labeling Services

We provide custom fluorescent dye-labeled amino acid products. We complete the labeling within a certain service period after receiving the samples. The service cycle is adjusted according to the sample situation and the specific needs of customers. The final product is accompanied by a detailed and complete labeling report. For each amino acid and its derivatives that need to be labeled, our technicians will strictly evaluate its physical and chemical properties. The fluorescent dye labeling services we can provide include but are not limited to:

Fluorescein DerivativesRhodamine Derivatives
Coumarin DerivativesBODIPY Derivatives
Cy3, Cy3.5, Cy5, Cy5.5, Cy7, Cy7.5AMC, AFC

Advantages of Our Fluorescent Dye Labeling Services

  • Professional technical team, rich labeling experience, strict quality control
  • Mature technical route, optimized labeling method to ensure the success of labeling
  • Perfect consulting services, program design and implementation, after-sales service
  • Various labeling dyes and labeling methods
  • Personalized dye labeling custom service
  • One-stop service for amino acid synthesis, labeling and analysis, saving time and cost

Our Fluorescent Dye Labeling Service Process

Fluorescent Dye Labeling Service Process

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