Extraction Resolution of Amino Acids
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Extraction Resolution of Amino Acids

BOC Sciences has an experienced technical team, which can establish the best amino acid extraction resolution scheme in a very short time, and resolve the racemate into pure single isomers. The purity of single enantiomer can reach more than 99%, and the yield can reach more than 95%. We can provide customers with the highest quality, fastest and most affordable resolution services, and easily obtain mg-kg level optically pure amino acid enantiomers.


Chirality is one of the essential properties of nature. Molecules that make up living organisms are all asymmetric chiral molecules, such as protein conformation is right-handed, amino acid is L-configuration. In the field of medicine, due to the asymmetry of the human biological system, the effects of chiral drugs on the human body are often very different. In many cases, only one of the two enantiomers of various racemic chiral drugs has medicinal effects, or has completely different pharmacological effects, or has toxic and side effects. Most non-natural chiral drugs are obtained by the resolution of racemates or intermediate products. The resolution of racemates has become an important means to obtain optically pure compounds. The resolution of racemates includes induced crystallization, diastereomer crystallization, enzymatic resolution, chromatographic resolution and extraction resolution, etc.

Why Choose Us?

Extraction resolution has the advantages of high extraction and separation efficiency, good separation effect, simple equipment required, low cost, and continuous operation. Compared with other amino acid resolution methods, the extraction resolution method is more efficient and has a better resolution effect on amino acids. We use the extraction resolution method to achieve high-purity separation of the two enantiomers of racemic amino acids. The extraction and resolution process is integrated with the racemization reaction, which can continuously convert the enantiomers with no application value into the desired enantiomers, and extract the desired enantiomers produced by racemization into the extraction phase, thereby overcoming disadvantages of the pure racemization process.

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We use the conventional liquid-liquid extraction method to resolve the amino acids based on the principle that amino acid components have different solubility in different solvents. First, we add an immiscible (or slightly miscible) organic solvent to the crude aqueous solution containing amino acids, so that the amino acid components enter the organic phase, while less inorganic salts and other organic impurities enter the organic phase. The distribution coefficient of amino acids in the aqueous phase and the organic phase determines the difficulty of the extracted amino acid components into the organic phase. Finally, we use conventional methods to extract the amino acids that enter the organic phase from organic solvents to obtain relatively pure amino acid products. The crude aqueous solution containing amino acids can be obtained by fermentation or other methods. Organic solvents generally use one or more organic compounds such as esters, ketones, ethers, alcohols, phosphates, phosphorus oxides, phosphine sulfurs, amines, and amides.

The process of extraction resolution serviceThe process of extraction resolution service

Service Object

The amino acids we can extract include but are not limited to alanine, methionine, threonine or lysine.

Technical Methods

  • Affinity extraction resolution
  • Ligand extraction resolution
  • Extractive resolution to form diastereoisomers
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