Modified Amino Acids

Our scientists have been exploring amino acid based modification strategies to provide modified amino acids to our worldwide customers quickly and efficiently.

Modified Amino Acids


Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. The scale of protein drug market continues to expand each year with growing numbers of protein products. Amino acid modifications can enhance the stability and solubility of the protein drugs and bring new properties and functions, thereby regulating the biological activity of the protein. Post-translational modifications, such as acetylation, formylation, phosphorylation, sulfonation, ubiquitination, and glycosylation, are common in organisms, affecting cell signaling, differentiation, and migration.


Chemical modification of amino acids allows the development of new molecules, which provides a starting point for the development of new medical drugs such as antibiotics. Studies have shown that the new molecular structure obtained by linking a carbon atom ring to the exact center of an amino acid molecule is compatible with a wider range of chemical structures than that of the unmodified structure. Such modification will provide scientists with a whole new set of modified amino acid molecules and produce new drugs or modified proteins that can accelerate understanding of natural biochemical systems or disease treatments. In biopharmaceutical processes, the use of modified amino acids can have a positive effect on cell culture duration or productivity. The high feed concentration achievable using modified amino acids allows the reduction of feed volume in biopharmaceutical production and therefore leads to an increase in titer.

Our Services

We can help with the following amino acid modifications:

  • L-Cysteine S-sulfate sodium salt sesquihydrate
  • Phospho-L-tyrosine disodium salt
  • 5-hydroxytryptophan
  • Peptide methylated amino acid modification
  • Antibody drug glycosylation modification

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