O-glycosylation of Amino Acids
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O-glycosylation of Amino Acids

BOC Sciences has advanced amino acid synthesis, purification, analysis equipment and complete technical process, providing one-stop glycosylated amino acid synthesis services. We provide customized amino acid services to global customers, covering research institutions and biological and pharmaceutical companies in different countries, and have been widely acclaimed.


Amino acids in protein side chains, mainly serine, threonine and aspartic acid, are linked to sugar molecules through covalent bonds to form glycosylated proteins. Such glycosylated proteins are called glycoproteins. Glycoproteins play a key role in organisms, such as cell signal recognition, growth regulation, intercellular information transmission, and immune regulation and other physiological functions. The carbon atoms at the end of the oligosaccharide chain of natural glycoproteins are almost always connected to the protein through N or O. Wherein, O-glycosylation modification refers to glycosylation of the hydroxyl groups of serine and threonine residues. The sugar attached is galactose or N-acetylgalactosamine. O-glycosylation modifications can provide functional determinants for immune recognition. Since the preparation, separation and purification of glycoproteins are very limited, the partial structure of glycoproteins is selected as a model molecule for research by chemically synthesizing them.

General structure of glycosylated amino acidsGeneral structure of glycosylated amino acids

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Glycosylated amino acids have the structural characteristics and chemical reaction characteristics of sugars and amino acids, and can be used as multifunctional synthetic building blocks for the construction of sugar mimics and peptide mimics, and the research of combinatorial chemistry. Therefore, the design and synthesis of glycosylated amino acids have attracted extensive attention of researchers. We have developed efficient and suitable amino acid O-glycosylation modification strategies to synthesize different types of O-glycosylated amino acids and their derivatives to promote the development of customer projects.

Our Services

  • Synthesis of O-glycosylated amino acids

For a long time, we have been focusing on the synthesis of amino acids and have accumulated rich experience. We can synthesize glycosylated amino acids of different specifications and purity levels according to customer requirements, guarantee product quality, and attach analysis and test reports.

We start from cheap and easy-to-obtain sugar molecules (such as galactose, glucose and their derivatives, etc.), through chemical methods, the hydroxyl groups on the sugar molecules are connected to the hydroxyl groups on the amino acid molecules containing side chain hydroxyl groups, and then purified and other steps, and finally realize the synthesis of O-glycosylated amino acids. All synthesized compounds were characterized by IR, NMR and MS. The obtained O-glycosylated amino acids serve as building blocks for O-linked glycopeptide synthesis and can be used in solid-phase peptide synthesis to synthesize various O-glycosylated peptides.

  • O-glycosylation site analysis

O-glycosylation site analysis is key to exploring glycoprotein structure-function relationships. We have launched a protein glycosylation analysis solution, which can accurately position and analyze the O-glycosylation of proteins, and can also provide sugar chain composition information. The steps of O-glycosylation site analysis include: (1) Select the appropriate protease according to the amino acid sequence of the target protein. (2) Carry out enzymatic hydrolysis. (3) Separation, enrichment and detection of O-glycopeptide after enzymatic hydrolysis by liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry. (4) Data analysis.

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