Proteolytic Synthesis of Amino Acids
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Proteolytic Synthesis of Amino Acids

BOC Sciences has strong research and development capabilities and advanced technical equipment in the application of amino acid synthesis processes, and can provide customers with extraction technology solutions for amino acids such as glutamic acid, threonine, and phenylalanine.


Amino acid is an important part of biological organisms, the basic unit of protein, and has extremely important physiological functions. Amino acids and their derivatives are not only used in medicine, food, feed, cosmetics and other fields, but also in agricultural production, chemical industry and other fields. There are four common methods for the preparation and synthesis of amino acids: chemical synthesis, fermentation, enzymatic and protein hydrolysis. Hydrolysis is an effective method for batch preparation of amino acids from natural macromolecules such as proteins. The raw materials required for protein hydrolysis are few, cheap and abundant, and many kinds of amino acids can be obtained at the same time in industrial production.

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Proteolysis is a very important class of amino acid production methods. We use protein or protein-containing materials as raw materials to extract amino acids after acid, alkali or enzyme hydrolysis. The extracted varieties range from a single amino acid to more than ten kinds of amino acid products extracted at the same time. With the continuous upgrading of our synthesis and process means, product quality, extraction yield and efficiency are gradually improved, which can help customers reduce costs and reduce environmental pollution.

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  • Acid Hydrolysis

The production cost of the acid hydrolysis method is low, and the process is relatively simple. We usually use hydrochloric acid, industrial hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid to hydrolyze protein, and then undergo neutralization, concentration and other processes to finally produce amino acids. The advantage of the acid hydrolysis method is that the hydrolysis is rapid and thorough, without affecting or causing the racemization of amino acids, and all natural L-amino acids can be obtained. Amino acids produced by acid hydrolysis contain a high content of chloride ions. This problem can be solved by performing dechlorination treatment. The process of acid hydrolysis leads to the destruction of all tryptophan, the precursor of auxin, and the partial destruction of serine and tyrosine, which easily corrodes equipment and generates a lot of waste. Although there are above-mentioned deficiencies, it is also good to rationally select and apply this method to realize the industrial production of amino acids.

The main process of acid hydrolysisThe main process of acid hydrolysis (the amount of reactants changes according to the actual situation)

  • Alkaline hydrolysis

The alkaline hydrolysis method uses alkali for hydrolysis treatment. The disadvantage of this method is that amino acids can undergo racemization, and most of serine, threonine, arginine, and cysteine are destroyed, so it is less used in the production of amino acids. However, since tryptophan will not be destroyed during alkali hydrolysis, this method can be used for special detection and analysis of tryptophan.

The main process of alkaline hydrolysisThe main process of alkaline hydrolysis (the amount of reactants changes according to the actual situation)

  • Enzymatic hydrolysis

The reaction conditions of the enzymatic hydrolysis method are mild and controllable, the action site is selective, and the product safety is high, which can be used in the field of protein processing. The amino acids in the enzymatic hydrolysis method will not be destroyed, the amino acid types are relatively comprehensive, the oligopeptide content is high, and the harmful substances are less. This method is widely used in agriculture, and can also be used in microbial culture, health products, aquaculture and other aspects.

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