Resolution of Amino Acid Racemates
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Resolution of Amino Acid Racemates

BOC Sciences always puts scientific research and customer needs in the first place, and is committed to providing the resolution service of amino acid racemates to obtain optically pure amino acids.


Amino acids are the basic units of living matter and are widely used in industries such as food, medicine, additives and cosmetics. Most amino acids contain chiral centers, and there are two mirror-image enantiomers of D-type and L-type with different physiological activities. The activity of the D and L enantiomers in living organisms varies greatly. Among them, L-amino acids can be directly utilized by the human body, while D-amino acids must be converted into L-forms in the body before they can be absorbed and utilized. The pharmacological effects of enantiomers of different configurations are often different, and there are about four situations.

Situation 1: Only one enantiomer has the desired pharmacological effect, while the other has no pharmacological effect.

Situation 2: The two enantiomers have the same or nearly the same pharmacological activity.

Situation 3: Two enantiomers have different pharmacological activities. For example, one enantiomer has a pharmacological effect, while the other has a toxic side effect.

Situation 4: Two enantiomers have the same but unequal pharmacological activity.

Most of the synthetic amino acids are racemic amino acids. Obtaining optically pure amino acid enantiomers is of great significance for the production of related foods, drugs, and cosmetics.

Crystals of Enantiomer and RacemateCrystals of Enantiomer and Racemate

Why Choose Us?

The resolution of amino acid racemate can be divided into chemical resolution and enzymatic resolution. Chemical resolution can be divided into classical chemical resolution and chemical kinetic resolution. The resolution service we provide helps customers efficiently obtain high-purity optically pure amino acids.

Service Scope

  • Classical chemical resolution

The amino acid racemate is reacted with a resolving agent to produce two diastereomer salts. Crystallization separation is then performed based on the difference in solubility of the two diastereoisomeric salts in a particular solution. Finally remove the resolving agent. The separated two diastereoisomers can be easily converted into amino acids of the original two configurations. The resolving agent used can be recycled and reused. We choose different types of resolving agents according to the different amino acid racemates that need to be resolved. We can directly use chiral acids such as tartaric acid, camphorsulfonic acid, and mandelic acid as resolving agents for the resolution of unprotected amino acid racemates. We can also use basic resolving agents (such as ephedrine, quinine, etc.) for the resolution of aminoacylated amino acid racemates.

  • Chemical kinetic resolution

Chemical kinetic resolution separates and purifies amino acid racemates through different reaction activation energies between different configurations of substrates and resolving agents. The reaction activation energy is different, the reaction rate is different. Under the action of the resolving agent, the substrate of one configuration undergoes a chemical reaction, while the substrate of the other configuration does not react, and two optically active products of different configurations can be obtained by separation and purification.

  • Enzyme resolution

Enzymatic resolution is enzyme-catalyzed kinetic resolution. The two enantiomers in the amino acid racemate, one of which is transformed into other substances under the action of enzymes, and the other remains unchanged, so as to achieve the purpose of resolution. Due to the mild reaction conditions and the specificity of enzymes, enzymatic resolution has been applied in industry. We use esterase, acylase, aminopeptidase, etc. to effectively realize the resolution of α-amino acid and β-amino acid .

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