Stable Isotope Labeled Amino Acids

Stable Isotope Label Amino Acids

With a professional team, first-class synthetic purification technology, rigorous work attitude, and strict quality requirements, BOC Sciences will meet the different purity requirements of isotope labeled amino acids and provide quality services to produce them in different scales.


The principle of Stable Isotope Labeling By Amino Acids In Cell Culture (SILAC) is to add light, medium or heavy stable isotope labeled essential amino acids (lysine and Arginine). Isotopic amino acids will be used by cells to synthesize proteins during subculture. After 5-6 passages, all proteins of the cell will be labeled with isotopes. Equal amounts of each type of protein are mixed and analyzed by mass spectrometry after enzymatic hydrolysis. Relative quantification will be performed by comparing the area of the isotopic peak shape in the first-order mass spectrum, while the second-order spectrum is used to sequence the peptides for protein identification.


Stable isotope label amino acids allowed researchers to understand the role of nitrogen fixation in the atmosphere, plants and other organisms, as well as industrial processes.

In addition, stable isotope tracers can be used to determine the authenticity and origin of foods such as wine, beef, and olive oil, as well as adulteration of natural products such as honey, juices, jams and syrups.

Stable isotope-resolved metabolomics(SIRM) methods use NMR and mass spectrometry as analytical tools to help researchers identify and quantify specific metabolites found in complex matrices.

Stable isotope label amino acids can be used in magnetic resonance imaging to make metabolic changes visible in the body. Such applications can help the early diagnosis and treatment of patients with neuropsychiatric diseases, cancer and other diseases.

Our Services

  • Research on Mechanism and Regulation Mechanism
  • Study on Mechanism in Dynamic Process
  • Screening for disease markers
  • Medication and prognostic marker screening

BOC Sciences technical service content

  • Cell isotope labeling
  • Sample preparation and quantification
  • SDS-PAGE separation
  • Liquid phase separation and mass spectrometry analysis after trypsin digestion
  • Database search; quantitative protein analysis
  • Related bioinformatics analysis
  • Experiment report submission

Our advantages

  • Flexible SILAC experimental design
  • Competitive prices
  • Provide objective SILAC experimental analysis results
  • After-sales service is guaranteed (if there is any quality problem, you can return or exchange)
  • Excellent one-stop service


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