Tailor-Made Amino Acids
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Tailor-Made Amino Acids

In particular, the rapidly growing number of amino-acid-based pharmaceuticals calls for the development of advanced synthetic approaches featuring practicality and commercial viability. Here we provide the tailor-made amino acids.



BOC Sciences can synthesize amino acids according to the customers' needs. These amino acids can be used in the research and development of medicines, nutrition products, and animal feed. According to the traditional synthetic method, the preparation of each different non-natural chiral amino acid must be synthesized using different starting materials. Our idea of synthesizing customized amino acids is to use the most common alanine as the starting material to synthesize thousands of unnatural chiral amino acids. We provide mass molecular identification reports and HPLC purity analysis reports with every synthetic amino acid. We can synthesize both α-amino acids and β-amino acids. High technical specialty is required to synthesize amino acids. At present, some innovative synthetic methods can be used to obtain high stereoselective synthesis of various customized non-natural amino acids, which can be used for cost-effective large-scale production.


Natural amino acids are inexpensive and readily available, but are limited in types. It is necessary to synthesize non-natural chiral amino acids.  The molecules of unnatural chiral amino acids are "enantiomers", which play an important role in the fields of drug development, chemical synthesis, and catalysis. Chiral D-amino acids are very useful in the development and design of new peptide pharmacophores. BOC Sciences offers a variety of chiral D-amino acids and various functionalized amino acids with high optical purity. Our synthetic amino acids have good pharmacological activity, and potential applications include the manufacture of anticancer drugs, antibiotics, and drugs for treating diseases such as Parkinson's disease.

Our Services

We can provide customers with:

  • Customized chiral D-amino acids
  • Various functionalized amino acids with high optical purity
  • Customized complex amino acids

Our advantages

  • A complete solution
  • Innovative products
  • Quality service
  • High repeatability between batches
  • Stable and reliable product quality
  • Competitive price


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